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Introduction of Home Buyer’s Tip - BTW

Home Buyer's Tip Wednesday for Short

Home Buyer's Tip Video Playlist

The purpose of the video series is to equip you, as potential real estate buyers, with essential information on how to choose real estate properties according to your specific needs.

The motivation to produce these videos comes from me, as a real estate professional, being taken advantage of by too many fake buyers who value my expertise but feel entitled not to pay any fees. i.e. pretending to be a serious & loyal buyer of mine but already has their relative/friend as their agent all along.

Home Buyer's Tip Video Playlist

I am NOT the type of realtor who uses bags of tricks to manipulate relationships and tells lies for money.

I am the type of person who digs deep into knowledge, is excellent at sales & negotiation, and puts my client’s interest ahead of my commission.

Thus, I am offering these informative videos to educate you for free.

Hopefully, you get enough value to use me as your realtor and refer good clients to me.

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